Kira Purnell was born in Wynne, AR and raised in Milwaukee, WI. At a young age she loved taking pictures of anything she saw as beautiful. Kira has always had a knack for viewing things in the world as a photograph. In her early twenties, she moved to Memphis, TN where her love of photography began to grow and caught the attention of others. She purchased a digital camera and was known for taking pictures at events with her friends. Kira even had the pleasure of photographing one of her friends wedding.


In 2015, she moved to Dallas, TX and decided it was time to pursue photography by starting her own photography business. She purchased her first professional camera and began to study. Kira took classes, and hired a mentor who helped her learn a lot about not only her camera, but the photography business as a whole. Kira has gone from taking landscape portraits to, families, children and events. She also serves on the photography ministry at her church. Kira has combined her love of the outdoors and natural backdrops, with family photography and she continues to expand. Kira loves putting a smile on people's faces with her work and capturing those once in a lifetime moments.